With the help of four points explain the importance of delegation in an organisation?

Benefits of delegation of authority

1. Motivation of employees: Delegation of authority helps to harness the talents of the employees. The delegation leaves psychological effects on the minds of the employees when their respective superior and entrusts some work. This shows trust by the superior in the subordinates and responsibility for the work builds the self-esteem of the employees and confidence.

2. Facilitation of growth: Delegation of authority provides a ready workforce to give challenging jobs. It helps in the professional grooming of those employees who have shown commitment in their work and proved their worth.

3. Basis of management hierarchy: Delegation of authority establishes superior and subordinate relationships. When the authority is delegated at different levels it makes it clear who is superior to whom and who has to report to whom. This way relationship of superior-subordinate at different levels forms the basis of the management hierarchy.

4. Better coordination:
The elements of delegation clearly define:

  • Authority :- Power
  • Responsibility :- Work to be performed
  • Accountability :- Answerability on the performance of work.

It clearly States the superior-subordinate relationship that means every employee knows who is his superior and to whom he is superior. In this way, no single word can be duplicated and hence coordination is achieved.

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