What is the nature of directing?

It refers to the process of instructing, guiding, counseling, motivating, and leading people in the organization to achieve its objectives.

Nature of Directing

1. It is a dynamic function: It is a dynamic and continuing function. A manager has to continuously direct, guide, motivate and lead his subordinates. Change in plans and organisational relationship he will have to change the methods and techniques to direction.

2. It initiates action: It initiates organised and planned action and ensures is an effective performance by subordinates towards the accomplishment of group activities. It is regarded as the essence of management in action.

3. Provides link: It links the various managerial functions of management. Without directing the function of controlling will never arise and the other preparatory functions of management will become meaningless.

4. It is a universal function: It is a universal function that is performed in all organizations and at all levels of management. All managers have to guide, motivate and supervise and communicate with their subordinates although more time is spent on directing at a higher level of management.

5. Concerned with human relationships: Direction deals with relationships between people working in an organization. It creates cooperation and harmony among the members of the group.

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