Explain the objectives of management?

Organisational objectives: the main purpose of any organisation is to earn or to do maximum profit through proper utilisation of human and material resources. Main organisational objectives are:
1. Survival: Management must strive to ensure the survival of the organisation. In order to survive and organisation must earn enough revenue to cover costs.

2. Profit: near survival is not enough for business management has to ensure that the organization makes a profit. Profit provides a vital incentive for the continued and successful operation of the enterprise.

3. Growth: to remain in the industry the management must fully expand the potential of the organization. The growth of the business can be measured in the terms of sales volume, increase in the number of employees, the number of products, or increase capital investment.
Social objectives: management must create benefits for the society by providing different means of the society. These are:

  1. generation of employment opportunities
  2. supply of quality product at a reasonable price
  3. generasation of economic wealth
  4. financial support to the community
  5. conservation of environment
  6. environment-friendly production technique

4. Personal objectives: management must ensure that the personal objective of individuals working in the organization is written side with organizational objective for a satisfied and happy workforce.

Some of the personal objectives are:

  1. good salary and other benefits
  2. opportunities for training and promotion
  3. good and healthy working condition
  4. Ricoginiton of materitorious work

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