Are Fayol’s principles anti worker? Comment. | Main Principles of Fayol’s anti worker

Fayol’s principles are not anti workers as per management point of view because of:

1. Facilitate organizational structure: Fayol’s talked about a hierarchical structure in which the top levels of management act as forceful leaders. While this was a standard procedure in his mining company, the hierarchical structure is still the model for many small businesses today. Although more companies are adopting a flat structure that top to down model as described by fayol remains popular as a means of ensuring decisions are implemented from the senior level to the rank and file.

2. Promotes the team Concept: there was an idea that employees should subordinate their private interest to the general interest of the company. This is a fundamental theory of the team concept that has become so prevalent in many small businesses. Rather than having employees work individually on projects many company groups work with diverse skills and talents into a team.

3. Motivate employees through Fair Compensation: theory that continues to prove true is the idea that business leaders must compensate employees in a manner that motivates them to perform above standard salaries and wages are always a delicate subject especially as it relates to gender pay equality.

In Fayol’s day, authority and control over employees was the norm that is not the case in modern society which means you have to revise some of your theories to make them more applicable to the current standards.

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